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Fill in the Blanks

Affiliate links imageHave you heard of Mad Libs? (They are fairly inexpensive as you can see by following this affiliate link.) You can make this similar quick writing activity geared towards younger elementary kids for when you just need a few minutes to finish something up if you don’t have any handy!

Purple background with DIY Mad Libs Fill in the Blanks

This activity can also reinforce parts of speech, like the actual Mad Libs with labels under the blank line, or just be focused on getting your child to write! Read More…

A Game by Other Rules

Gramma’s visits always give us several opportunities to play games. On this occasion, Sweet Pea pulled out Fish, a cute card set with pictures of fish which you can either play Memory or Go Fish with. the Twist…Sweet Pea made up his own rules to Go Fish!

His rules included everyone getting the number of cards that matched their age (except for Gramma, because there weren’t enough cards!) Play goes from youngest to oldest and the youngest plays with all his cards showing. After a few minutes the boys decided to play according to the proper rules and they still had fun!

I know we should teach our kids to follow rules, but I think there is room for discovery and exploration if we give a little wiggle room. I love watching how things turn out when the rules are altered. Many times it results in trial and error, other times not so much. One thing that often times results is a lot of fun experiencing something new!

What would happen if we changed the rules to other games? Hmmm…give it a try and see!

(Sometimes I wish I were still young enough to make my own rules for life!)


Snow-covered yard

snowy yard with words Snow Brings PeaceI look out the window at a snow-covered yard. Pristine. Not a single footprint.

It’s like looking at a picture of a dessert when the wind is still.

The shadow from the tree looks like a picture.

Cold, white, smooth. Did I mention cold?

I stand and wonder when the peaceful display before me will be tarnished. When will footprints tarnish the landscape?

Walking path through the snow

It reminds me of going through a dark time. While there it seems never-ending. Still. Alone. Cold. Like the path shown  in this picture. The walls of snow are too high to waver from it. If anything more falls it will be hard to see out from the path set before me.

But dark times are not peaceful. And they are not white. They are sometimes tarnished so much we cannot see it. (I think of a past post The Father’s Path)

Sometimes we can feel alone as a mom. We feel isolated due to the cold weather and not being able to get out, or we just are not able to connect with another person even when the sun is shining. Our kids are our focus and all of our energy is poured into them with little left over for ourselves. It’s so easy to get cold.

snow-covered yard undisturbed with swing set

Think of the snow-covered yard. Hiding under the brilliant white snow an amazing work is happening. Miniscule work, but it’s happening and will result in green grass, colorful flowers and lots of life. We cannot see it looking at the still layer of snow almost protecting everything from fun and laughter.

This will happen in our lives as moms, too. We will see the fruitful result of our love pouring into our children. We will see the sun shining on our toes and theirs as well feel the oppressive cold snow lift and our smiles return.

child playing in a snowbank

For now know that you are not alone. You are growing, just as they are. You are emerging as a beautiful flower. The process is just harder to see because you are the one changing through this cold time. It’s hard to see a beautiful snow sculpture in the beginning stages, too…

Snow brings peace. It really does – eventually!

Winter break fun

Winter break is supposed to be filled with cold and fun in this part of the country (Rochester, NY area), however this break has been a little too much for us! I don’t mean to complain, I know there are a lot of others who have much more snow and have been experiencing much colder temperatures. We’ve only had temperatures hovering around zero with wind chills sometimes making it feel like -30.

We have been able to get outside once, but for the most part this winter weather is just too dangerously cold to enjoy all the snow! I’ll post more about some of the fun we had next week! (As well as tips on dressing for this weather!)

Here are some photos from our winter-y winter break for you to enjoy! Think of it as a reminder why you don’t live here, or as living vicariously for those of you who miss the snow!

Do your kids have a winter break? What have they been up to?



St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Science (#2)

There are many ways to create fun St. Patrick’s Day rainbows on your own. This post describes one way and today I’m sharing another!

Another simple science experiment way to do this is to use a flashlight, a round container and a square container (like a plastic storage container).

Read More…

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Science (#1)

Affiliate links imageSt. Patrick’s Day is a great time to talk about the Rainbow while reinforcing the letter R. There are all sorts of fun rainbow activities to do with your little one, and lots of science, too!

For a favorite rainbow drink activity, check out my post on Rainbow Milk and to make rainbow cookies check out this post.

Rainbow Science

Another fun rainbow science activity involves a glass of water, a box and a bright sunny day. (The boys and I have done a lot of experiments, which we later found in 365 Science Experiments. This is one of them! This is an affiliate link.)

Read More…

Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers. Simple creative fun for any day.

Sweet pea loves playing with water and color, so we used some medicine droppers and water with food coloring added and had some fun just playing. We got to combine colors, experiment with how we used the medicine droppers, so much to explore!

Then we made our flowers! This isn’t something I came up with, rather a quick search on Pinterest for simple coffee filter flowers will bring many results for how to manipulate the coffee filters into pretty flowers with chenille stems.

This is such an easy craft. But something about scrunching up the centers of these coffee filters when they are dry and wrapping them with a chenille stem to resemble flowers always melts the heart!

Have a wonderful time sharing love to those around you with pretty flowers!


Living Love

Affiliate links imageI know my blog is mainly about activities I do with my boys, but there is one ‘boy’ I seldom include. My love. My hubby of 21+1/2 years! What sort of activities can I share with you that involve him? Simple.  Date ideas!

Heart with text Living Love

Do you live love?

Do you date your spouse or significant other even after having kids? It doesn’t have to be a date outside the home, although those are great! You have every reason to set aside time just the two of you. Dating your spouse is helping to keep your marriage healthy!

I know sometimes it’s easy to get in the dinner and a movie rut. If you’re lacking ideas keep reading! Read More…

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