5 Senses – hearing experiment

Cutie Pie’s class recently learned about the 5 senses, so we thought it would be fun to do a simple experiment for each of the senses over the course of a week.

The first day was all about our sense of hearing. After being quiet for a minute or so and then talking about what we each could hear in the silence, we did a simple experiment I had put together on the fly and the boys loved it. You can do it to!

The ‘What’s Inside?’ Experiment

  • First, fill several cups with different items and cover them with paper and tape. You don’t want anyone taking a peek!
  • Then mark each cup with a number. (There is no need to keep track of what is in each cup.)
  • Take turns shaking the cups and guessing what’s inside. 

We made a list of our guesses for each cup. I used a simple sheet of paper with numbers down the side matching the numbers on the cups and made two columns – guess and actual. I filled in the columns as they guessed. (The kiddos can help with this part easily according to their abilities! writing, counting)

Then we opened each and discovered whether we were right or not! We wrote down what was actually in the cup and compared the guess with the actual item, discovering how they were similar and different.

The boys loved this and were totally intrigued. It was so fun hearing their guesses, since I didn’t give them any clues whatsoever!

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