Bubble-ology – You can do this at home!

Cutie Pie and I took a Bubble-ology class (for preschoolers) through our Parks and Recreation Center, provided by a teacher from Rochester Museum and Science Center. It was soooo much fun! First, it was just fun spending time with just Cutie Pie (Sweet Pea had a Nana day!) and also it was so fun playing with bubbles!

The instructor first made a chart with the kiddos’ input about where they see bubbles every day. Some were very serious answers, others were silly, like ‘in your mouth!’ Then she showed us the different bubble centers she had set up for us to explore on our own (and can replicate at home which is why I’m sharing this with you today!) We were instructed to explore each center on our own once she showed us each center and to just have fun with bubbles. She could have explained all the science behind this, but it was great that she let the kids explore it on their own instead. At the end of our time together she read a great story about bubbles, I just wish I could remember the name of the book!

For each station the solution was the same. The instructor used Dawn dish detergent and water. Nothing special at all! She said you might have to play around with the ratio, but Dawn is what she finds to work the best for making bubbles!

Blowing for bubble print art
Bubble print art drying

First, we did bubble print art. Cutie Pie loved this more than I expected! You’ll need bowls, trays for the bowls to set in if you don’t want a complete mess, straws, paper, lots of food coloring, water, and Dawn dish detergent. You simply put the water, Dawn dish detergent and (lots more than you think you need) food coloring into a bowl, insert a straw and blow until the bubbles are almost overflowing. Then gently place your paper on top of the bubbles and wait until the bubbles pop, the paper is almost sitting on top of the bowl and a little color is peeking through the paper. Gently lift up the paper and repeat with as many colors as you’d like!

The next activity we did was play with tornado bottles. I’m not sure how to make these at home, but there’s got to be a way. Cutie Pie loved shaking, swirling, jiggling and trying to spill these! (coordination) If you’re not sure what these are, they’re two 2L soda bottles opening to opening being held together by some sort of pipe. The ones we played with were filled with colored water and you had to move them different ways to get the water to bubble. One neat thing at this station was simply a small hose (big enough to fit the end of a straw into – each person used their own straw) running into a big bowl of water. You take a big breath, blow into the straw, and make bubbles!

Dipping plant trays
Multitude of bubbles!

Another bubble station was outdoors and was the hit of the session! The instructor had saved several plant trays, the ones that hold flats and have many holes in them, and different household items like fly swaters for the kids to use. On the patio there was a huge bucket of water mixed with Dawn dish detergent inviting the kids to make a mess! Simply dip the plant trays or your tool of choice and run – tons of bubbles appear! Cutie Pie actually had more fun chasing all the bubbles with the fly swatter and trying to pop them than he did making the bubbles! (major gross motor going on here!) I can’t wait to go shopping for flowers this year simply to get one of these! I’ve always tossed them in the past!

Finally, the last station was also a magnet for Cutie Pie. So simple: a small cup of water mixed with Dawn dish detergent and a big empty container. Just insert your straw, blow bubbles and let them drip!

Cutie Pie asked me that same day when it would be Bubble Day at our house, and I have to admit I can’t wait until it is! I’m looking for even more bubble activities to do with him first! Why don’t you share some, too?!

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