Creating with LEGOs

Apartment Therapy had a LEGO maze activity on their blog a while back and one extremely hot day when we were stuck indoors we tried our hands at it!

As soon as he saw the picture on Apartment Therapy Cutie Pie immediately loved the idea and started describing the obstacle course he was going to create. We don’t have too many large flat pieces, but he was kind enough to share and I got to create a maze too!


  • We didn’t measure the marbles first, so our pathways weren’t wide enough. After trying a marble in my maze we had to redesign our creations to make the paths wider.
  • Cutie Pie wanted to make jumps for his marbles. He had to figure out what pieces to use.
  • Our marbles would occasionally flip over the walls when we played. We had to experiment with how high to make them.

This proved to be a very fun project for  5 1/2 year old Cutie Pie. Sweet Pea ( 3 1/2) was entertained by the marbles and Lego pieces all by themselves as well as playing with the resulting creations.

I’m sure we’ll be doing this activity again and again!

coordination, fine motor, math, science, construction, logic

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