Learning with trains

Sweet Pea loves his trains, we kiddingly say he’s OCD about trains, so sorting trains by color seemed like such a natural thing for him to do while playing. Because of this fascination with trains, we have a lot of engines, freight cars, tank cars, you name it.

Sweet Pea can tell you the type of each train car without hesitation. Telling you his colors, on the other hand, is much more of a challenge for him! He might not get the name of the color correct (hardly ever) but he can group the train cars together by color! A lot of the time he doesn’t stop there, but sorts them by type as well. If he’s feeling funky, he also couples them together and counts the number of train cars in the train he made. Or maybe he’ll make a train of all the same type of car and then count how many he coupled together. The possibilities seem endless to this little guy!

There are so many ways you can play with trains!

What ways do your little ones play with trains, or what other things do your kiddos like to sort, count and obsess over?

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  1. lisaplus6 says:

    so funny how our children will learn what is special to them! one of mine knows how to count to 100 but could care less about letters…lol…. we love to sort pom poms into glass jars by colors and sizes. I have my girls use tongs to move them from one jar to another. it is great fun!

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