Mama’s Last Week in Review – Letter R

RailRoad track
Reading with Relatives

Rhinoceros. Race. Railroad. Ring. Rope. Round. Rip. Rat. Rich. Rainbow. Reading. Relatives. Rain (it rained a lot this week!) Raisins (our chosen snack for the week!) Right (Cutie Pie graduated to a booster with a seat belt and kept having to make his Right arm be in the correct spot) Rub. Run. Rocket. Robot. Red. Roll. Rest. Rock. These are only some of the words starting with letter R that we had fun with this week! For some reason the letter R week was more fun and more packed-full than other weeks, or at least, we tend to do more things that start with letter R naturally around here!

Cutie Pie resting in bed
sick with a cold
Coin Rubbings

Bible Story – This week we talked about the Widow’s Gift. We talked about what it meant to give, what it meant to be Rich and poor. Cutie Pie was interested in the fact that the widow gave ‘coins’, rather than ‘money’. I chose to visit the Goodwill store this week to look for puddle jumping boots for Cutie Pie and didn’t find any. What we did find was a good discussion about why we give to places like that and why we don’t always buy things when we go to the store for something specific. (Of course, we did end up buying a really cool playdough set for $2 and a neat set of foamy-magnet things for $1.)  When we got home we taped the coins that we had received in change to the table and made coin Rubbings. (fine motor/art)

Matching Robots

Art/Language arts/Kitchen – Cutie Pie chose not to do this activity, but Sweet Pea loved it – he glued Red Rice and Ripped Red paper onto his letter R! Great fine motor work for him! He’s definitely more tactile and crafty than Cutie Pie! He was also really into the Rolled cookies we made with cookie cutters, although he had a hard time getting any of his animals to retain their shape! Cutie Pie was into this only until he had made one of each of his favorite animals. (fine motor/science/math – measuring, baking)

We also made cardboard Matching Robots with Red parts (from Serving Pink Lemonade). (fine motor)

Gross Motor – Sweet Pea had his second gymnastics class this week. He got to fly on the harness! He loved it to say the least! He also did a lot of Rolling – both himself and balls! Plus, he got to swing on the Rings! This class is definitely right up his alley! Of course, Cutie Pie has been Rolling around at home, too, since Sweet Pea comes home and tries to do front Rolls in the living room! And they both get to Running around our loop like crazy at night! Meanwhile Cutie Pie asked to have his bike out on one of the warmer days to Ride it in our driveway! He did great!

Science – I did manage to do a science experiment with Cutie Pie one day while Sweet Pea was napping. As with all experiments, you never know if they will turn out as you expect. This was no different! We tried to make Rock candy. I found this neat science experiment site called Science Bob, and on it they had directions for this edible experiment, watching sugar crystals grow. One key step in this experiment is to add the sugar very slowly to the boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. Cutie Pie was not very patient, so our rock crystals grew overnight into a solid mass of diluted sugar with water on top in our jar. Cutie Pie was disappointed it didn’t work, but we re-read the directions for the experiment and he decided we should follow them more closely when we try it again!


 I had a little R experience myself – a Reunion with family I have not seen in many years! Truly exciting and something I will write about at a later date!

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