Maniacal Monday

What a strange Monday! Cutie Pie must be feeling better from his cold as he seemed to want to do everything and anything this morning without a moment’s rest! Sweet Pea was, of course, right there with him!

Where to start? I had initially wanted to finish the frozen paper art we started last week (I totally do not remember where I found this idea), but CP didn’t want anything to do with it and quickly became engrossed in something on his own. I decided to cut out egg shapes for Easter cards from the paper the boys scribbled on with colorful crayons and colored pencils last week and once the paper was on the table both were immediately there wanting to be involved.
We ended up making car track paintings on the reverse of the before mentioned artwork after saving some to make the cards later. We had done this car activity before and it is something CP loves to return to. (I found the idea at weeks ago!) From there we cleaned the cars off in the sink (a VERY wet activity here), changed clothes and CP set to work “cutting pieces of salad”, which is his phrase for practicing cutting construction paper of any color. Then, with cars still on the mind, we ended up racing the cars that propel themselves to figure out which was the fastest. All the while CP and I were talking about what the differences were, how to tell which one won, and even how the track marks were different when painted on the paper. Throughout all of this SP was trying to eat everything he could get his hands on and even got his belly all paint by trying the table crawl while CP was painting. Way too much activity in one morning for a mom recovering from this nasty cold! It’s always interesting to see where our mornings take us!
BTW, I did take photos at some point today and will have to post them if I ever figure out how!
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