Marble Art

I set out the runny paint in cups. I set out the marbles. I set out the cake pans lined with paper. The kids came with their curiosity even though we’d done this several times before. I love it when something ‘old’ still captures their attention!
Today we attempted marble art again. Very simple preparation. Very simple art with neat results! Even Sweet Pea got in on the action lifting his plastic-ware container and rolling his marbles around in it after I rolled them in the runny paint and dropped them in his pan for him. (His coordination is excellent for a 16 month old, at least in my opinion!) Unfortunately, after about 3 minutes the marbles made it into his mouth and the activity was over for him as distraction with finger paints just didn’t do the trick, which I sort of thought would happen. His artwork was pretty neat, though!
Cutie Pie, on the other hand, didn’t want anything to do with the marbles today. He had seen the activity, got excited and then came to the table with his toy dinosaurs! (He’s so into dinosaurs lately I was sure this would happen sooner or later with something I tried!) Instead of trying to turn Cutie Pie back to the way I wanted the activity to go, I let him paint his dinosaurs and we talked about the colors dinosaurs might have been, whether they were bright colors or dull grays and greens and why it was possible. He had some great ideas! A bonus for him – he got to give his dinos a bath when he was done! (I tend to do messy activities like this while they are still in their PJs!)
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