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We Play!

We Play Tuesday is happening over at Childhood 101! Here’s my little input… I came downstairs the other morning and Hubby and Cutie Pie were surrounded by animal toys in our rumpus room. Hubby was sorting animals in different ways – those that belong on a farm, in a zoo, primates, climate, etc. Cutie Pie …

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Exciting Weekend!

Friday was spent at the park as our playgroup wasn’t able to meet due to illness. The kids had a blast and Hubby was able to spend some much-needed time taking care of his car and working on his music, getting it ready to send to possible publishers. When we came home Cutie Pie informed …

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Took a Day Trip Tuesday

We went to the zoo! We love the zoo. Usually it’s just me and the kids and a few other people there, but today hubby went too, along with a zillion other people! It was so fun…we even played on the playground, climbing through ‘fallen trees’. Here’s Cutie Pie in one: Cutie Pie really wanted …

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