Rainbow Cookies

I found this great idea for rainbow cookies on Red Ted Art and on a rainy day this week we had fun baking! This was a very simple recipe that contained no eggs, so I felt very comfortable letting my boys do most of the work. (Sweet Pea loves to taste batter so I try hard to bake things without eggs when I bake with him.)

Also, this recipe stated “you don’t have to be totally accurate – the cookies will still taste great and kids are still having fun in the kitchen!” Last time we baked together lots of flour got spilled and our recipe didn’t taste quite right. (They were right…the cookies tasted great – sort of like shortbread!)

I think next time we make these we’ll smoosh them together to make thicker layers with our hands rather than rolling them thin, but the kiddos really wanted to use the rolling pin and since it started with R (that was Cutie Pie’s logic) we had to use it!

Rainbow cookies on a Rainy day at the end of Rainbow week and Sweet Pea once again pointing out we had purple instead of indigo or violet (and knowing all of the other colors of the Rainbow) certainly made the end of Rainbow week a sweet success!

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