Rainbow Milk

Rainbow snacks are so fun when you can eat and drink them! Today I’ll share our rainbow milk experiment, which I found at Make and Takes! It was so simple and so fun! Tomorrow I’ll share about the rainbow cookies we made!

clear glasses
milk (or water)
tray with edges
food coloring – red, yellow, blue
stir stick

We followed Make and Takes’ directions, lining up our glasses in a row so that we could see the colors of the rainbow. You know, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet too (although we just did blue then purple!)

We poured a small amount of milk into each glass. (I knew we’d be combining these into one cup at the end, so I didn’t use too much milk in each.)

Then I put one drop of food coloring in each cup, first cup was red, then we skipped the next cup, third cup was yellow, skipped the fourth cup, fifth cup was blue. We went back and in the glasses with no coloring placed a drop each of the colors on either side. (Yellow and red made orange, yellow and blue made green, blue and red made purple.)

That’s when we could see our rainbow milk! (Sweet Pea loved this. He’s seen colors combined before, but I guess this just clicked for him!)

Finally we poured all of the colors into one glass, but we did this only a few colors at a time and Sweet Pea commented on how the color changed. Ultimately we ended up with brown milk, to which I added chocolate syrup! This made for a really yummy snack!

I just love Make and Takes! They have such great ideas! Thank you!

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  1. How fun! Thanks so much for stopping by Preschool Powol Packets–I’m so glad you mentioned this post…we will definitely try it! Color mixing activities are wonderful, and I love how this one is edible too! I’d love to invite you to link to this at Teach Me Tuesday, too (last week’s linky will only be up for two more days, but then a new one will be up Tuesday morning)! I’ll see ya’ around!

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