Shaving Cream

A couple of weeks ago I got the shaving cream out for a little sensory experience on a day when the boys seemed a little “off”. Sometimes a sensory activity is just what’s needed to change the moods in this house.

Normally I wouldn’t use this much, but I wanted to get in on the action too, so I did!

Cutie Pie loved playing in the shaving cream, but not in the way I expected. He wanted a specific toy. I couldn’t quite figure it out until he brought over his Hot Wheels front loader, dabbed some shaving cream on his cheek and pretended to shave!

I suggested he get some other cars and trucks and see how they did in the shaving cream. Of course we ended up with a table of construction trucks, but that was just fine. By now the mood had shifted and life was good again, although this picture might suggest otherwise if you look at Cutie Pie’s face!

Sweet Pea, on the other hand, just wasn’t quite sure about the whole experience, although he did calm down from his grumpy state quite quickly. He mostly rubbed his hands in it, squished his fingers together a few times and then was done.

I just love how sensory play changes little grumps to happy guys in minutes in our home!

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