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the environment we're raising our kids in is much different than that of our parents. We can still give our kids awesome experiences like we had! http://momistheonlygirl.com

Growing up ‘free’

Every once in a while I get homesick for my childhood home. Do you? Last week I posted about being bullied as a child and ever since then I’ve been thinking about the freedom I was given as a child (and secretly hoping my kids will have some of the same experiences I was given – and subsequently wondering if I’m give those opportunities to them, or if I am hesitant for fear of what others may think.) It’s also left me wondering if we feel a little bullied as moms in our mothering.

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I was bullied as a child and what I do about it now. http://momistheonlygirl.com

When I was bullied as a child

Walk, Talk, Tell didn’t work for me, but when I was a child the world was different. There were no such things as the internet, cell phones (well, there was but they were huge!) or Skype. The world was safer. Parents weren’t afraid to let their kids walk to the store alone. There was a higher level of trust among strangers and acquaintances.

I was bullied

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What did you write about today?

Cutie Pie had a wonderful teacher for second grade and developed his imagination from the get-go. Mrs. P. had a very structured day in school, so for homework four days a week she assigned journal writing. They weren’t given writing prompts, but rather could write about whatever they wanted, fact, fiction, copied text from cereal boxes…as long as they wrote something in their own handwriting.

2nd grade writing prompts, both a list of prompts and printable worksheets with writing prompts found at http://momistheonlygirl.com

The need for creative writing prompts

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Merry Christmas!

Since writing my last post I have finished up Christmas shopping for my loved ones, finished my course final project (yeah! I accomplished a major goal this year!) and finished up my year of freelancing (did you know I am helping others transition to new WordPress themes that are mobile-responsive?).

I’m delighting in hot chocolate even though the grass is still green and there is no sign of snow for Christmas (very unusual for this part of New York State) and am trying desperately to get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe wrapping gifts all day tomorrow will help?!

I’m planning to share some fun things in the new year! Things to help us all get organized, to have fun with our kiddos and to stretch our own imaginations as moms.

I’m heading out of this year with this Christmas wish to you, made with help from She Who Lives and her stash of free stock images for Christmas! Please check out this new site I found earlier today! A fun resource for lifestyle ideas as well as bloggers!

Merry Christmas http://momistheonlygirl.com