The Father’s Path

Hubby made a path in the deep snow today, with the boys following. I stood back to take a picture.

A thought paused in my mind as Sweet Pea veered into the fresh, unspoiled snow and had difficulties immediately. It’s sort of like when we walk through life. We do well or maybe just manage when we are walking with our Father, or are at least trying to. We struggle when we veer off on our own path even if we’re still going in the same basic direction. Once Sweet Pea was back on the path (after calling for help from his daddy) he did just fine, even if at times he stumbled.
After having some fun Hubby and Cutie Pie headed in. Cutie Pie followed his daddy and then wandered off the path his daddy made. He wanted to enter by the back door, to go his own way. He struggled and fell almost immediately, but got right up and tried again. Hubby reminded him that they were going in, but by a different door. Another thought paused in my mind. Even when we are doing God’s will, if we are trying to get it done by our own means, we will have a more difficult time than if we follow the path He carves out for us.

Just something to think about as our new year begins. I know it spoke to my heart.
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