Science + Experiments

Science and Experiments

Are your kids science lovers? What about experiments? My boys love doing experiments together, and I’ve posted how to’s for many of the ones we’ve done together, as well as posted about where to find experiments! (Nothing too complicated! Many ingredients are found right in your kitchen!)


Alphabet Fun

ABC activities are so fun with toddlers! My boys and I created a lot of things together while they were learning their Alphabet and I made sure to post about many of them. Sometimes having a quick activity to reinforce a letter isn’t easy to think of, so I’ve compiled at least one for each letter of the alphabet for you!



About Me

I’m Tricia. Wife, mother, friend, daughter, aunt, believer…I’m energized by my boys, rejuvenated when learning something new, committed to the relationships in my life, and I’m always searching for just the right pixie cut!

You can reach me via the icons above the header! I can’t wait to connect with you!

Activity ideas

For Kids

Moms, are you looking for some rather simple ways to connect with your kiddos? Here are lots of activity ideas, some science, some just playing and having fun together!


Bible Stories

Bible Story Fun

Bible Stories come to life when children learn them hands-on. My boys learned (and continue to learn) them in creative ways and I’m always looking for more to share with you!



For Moms

For Moms

As moms, we always think we should have it all together, know all of the answers and never appear to be having a difficult time in life. It’s often hard to ask for help, and even harder to offer it sometimes. This section includes getting organized and personal topics.This area is just for you!