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What will you give? Prompting children to give and be generous. https://momistheonlygirl.com

What will you give?

Can you believe the stores are decorated for Christmas already? I don’t really want to think about it yet, but the grandparents have been asking what types of things to get the boys. It got me thinking about this coming holiday from another perspective.


What are they going to GIVE?

Have you thought about asking your kids what they want to GIVE? I remember asking Cutie Pie (when he was five) what he would give if he could give anything at all.

This was his (5 year old) response…

“A brontosaurus and LEGOs to a boy with no toys.
To my friends I would give pets.
To a stranger, a piece of paper because I don’t know them and they could do a lot of different things with paper.”

What ideas do your kids have to give? Have you asked them?

Book Review: Captain Underpants series

*The link provided below is for reference only and is not an affiliate link.

As stated in two previous posts (here and here), the boys want to share their reviews of the books that stayed on their bedside table over this past year.

This first review is by Cutie Pie, a nine year old reading enthusiast, of one of his favorite book series, Captain Underpants.

Book Review: Captain Underpants, by a 9 year old at https://momistheonlygirl.com

Book Review: Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

The principle was hypnotized, and now when anyone snaps their fingers he turns into Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants has saved the town from things like toilets that came alive during an accident at a science fair, and a giant pair of robot boxer-shorts.

Only George and Harold know Captain Underpants’ real identity (along with yesterday-George and yesterday-Harold. You will have to read the books to understand!)

This may sound like a strange book-description, but you should read it! It’s very funny, although your mom and dad might not get all the humor.

-by Cutie Pie, male, age 9

I actually have read a couple of the books in this series with Cutie Pie. The humor is definitely what will draw a young boy into this, as the whole book is rather silly from an adult’s perspective. Keep that in mind and read it from your child’s perspective and I think you will find it rather silly as well.

The Scholastic page for this book series has links to fun games and extras if you’d like to check it out!


What book is your child loving at the moment?

What books are on their bedside tables? Part 1 - books recommended by a 9 year old boy https://momistheonlygirl.com

What’s on their bedside tables? (Part 1)

Both boys love to read. Cutie Pie, the 9 year old third-grader, is an avid reader. When it gets quiet we usually find him reading. He still loves to have us read to him, so family reading time still happens every night, but even then we sometimes have to tell him to put his book down to listen to the story we’re reading!

What are your boys reading? A short list of the books a 9 year old recommends. https://momistheonlygirl.com

Though I’m not posting as often during my course-work, the boys are eager to share their most recent reads with you! They are even excited to help on the blog by sharing a few reviews of their favorite books from the past year.


Today, we’re sharing the list of books Cutie Pie has had on his bedside table most frequently this past year.

  Cutie Pie’s recommended reading*:

Beast Quest series by Adam Blade
Lunch Lady by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland
The Secrets of Droon series by Tony Abbott
Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey
Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling – we have been reading this as a family and are currently on book 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

*(in no particular order and no affiliate links are included – just links for you to find more information)

As I mentioned, the boys will be sharing reviews of some of these books on the blog this summer! I’ll be sharing Sweet Pea’s favorite books to read in another post, so watch for that!


What books are on your kids’ bedside tables?

What spell would you use? A little of the fun my boys are conjuring up while reading the Harry Potter series. https://momistheonlygirl.com

What spell would you use?

Our family is enjoying the Harry Potter series of books (you know, the ones by J.K. Rowling), fascinated by all the wizards and witches (and miscommunication), the passageways of the castle, and the young characters’ adventures. They’ve led to several discussions about when to come to an adult…

What spell would you use? Just a little of the fun my boys are conjuring up while reading the Harry Potter series https://momistheonlygirl.com

Hubby and I are enjoying reading the books after seeing the movies, and are being begged to read the same book each night. Story time used to consist of maybe two or three books at night. Now its usually half hour of reading and only sometimes finishing a chapter! (loooong chapters, but totally capturing their interest!)

Reading this series has brought about a new kind of play for Sweet Pea. We often see him outside running in the backyard with a stick between his legs. It is pretty obvious he’s flying playing Quidditch! His imagination has developed to include dialogue between him and his (pretend) teammates when he reflects his adventures back to us.

Sometimes Cutie Pie will join him in playful banter and they’ll be ‘casting spells’ on each other. They are usually for things like getting the other to stay out of their room, or to get the other to spin in circles. I’m sure if we pointed out that they are playing well together when doing this, the mood would be spoiled!


What books or series of books are you reading with your family?

What sorts of activities do you see your kids doing that are a result of their reading?

*I have in no way been compensated for liking and mentioning this book. It is a sole reflection of the interests of my children.