Welcome! If you’re a mom who wants to spend time with your child, but not always have to search Pinterest for an activity to do, you’ve come to the right place!

Mom is the Only Girl is a place where you will find tips and activities, experiments, and alphabet-learning fun to better connect and engage with your children.

You’ll find the activities listed by age, as well as by interest/topic, so you can easily find a fun activity to do with your child. Chances are if its on this blog, the ingredients/materials will be something found in most homes.

Mom is the Only Girl is also a safe place I’ve created to explore other kid-raising issues as well (like separation anxiety and raising a left-handed child.)

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The list of characters:

Cutie Pie is now 9-years-old, but was two when I began writing about the fun we had together. He has always been interested in science, so you’ll find lots of science experiments and other hands-on fun on the blog!

Sweet Pea is now 7-years-old, and has always been interested in building, with LEGOs, K’Nex, you name it! When I hit on an activity he loved, I wrote about it to share with you!

I’m Tricia, wife, mom, student and recorder of fun times with my boys (that’s my picture up there). Currently I’m taking a Freelance WordPress Developer blueprint through Skillcrush so I can help other ladies build websites to reach the world with their passion.

Hubby is a stringed instrument teacher for the local school district. He’s also my partner in crime on our adventures!

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