An Unlikely Hero’s Wisdom

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Cutie Pie absolutely loves the How to Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell. Last night we were reading Book 12, How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, and this line jumped out at me…

Maybe we are lucky that we are not Kings and Heroes, because we do not have to make the choices that Kings and Heroes have to make.

On one of the first pages of the book we read about Hiccup. He was a “swordfighter, a dragon whisperer, and the greatest Viking Hero who ever lived.” It also describes him as “an ordinary boy who found it hard to be a Hero.”

Wisdom from an unlikely hero about being the mom we are becoming at

Throughout this series Hiccup experiences trials and tribulations most kids now-a-days won’t. We find ourselves as readers rooting for him, wondering how he will get out of the predicament he finds himself in. We find ourselves thinking he’s so clever, in a dumb-luck sort of way most of the time. He’s definitely not a hero!

I also find myself paying attention to the characters that think they are better and more worthy than Hiccup. Many are takers, and want things to come to them the easy way.

Even so, by the end of book 11 Hiccup had become a hero.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Because I have one question for you…

How do you feel about being a Mom?

I see other moms and think they have it all together. Some moms are a little better off and make it all look easier than I have it. They are really in just as deep, I just see it through my own eyes so I don’t see their reality.

As a mom I see other boys whose moms pack them better lunches, dress them in better clothes and attend more school functions than me.

After reading this phrase about Kings and Heroes I thought about how I feel making the decisions I make every day, about how I am growing as a mom. They aren’t hero decisions, but they are still important.

How I feel about being a mom

After reading this phrase I thought how great it is that I am a mom, an ordinary mom trying my best to take care of my family…show them love…protect them. That my enough is enormous in light of life for some, but not too much for me.

Being a mom is hard, but just like Hiccup, who most of the time found it so hard to be a hero as others had defined the word, I am being a mom as I define it for myself.

I am a mom. I don’t have to be more than I am. I am ordinary. I am myself. Learning as I raise my children.

I became a mom. Its through my experiences that I’m growing into the mom I need to be for my boys and for myself. It is within my definition of mom that I make decisions I make as the mom I am.


Hiccup was just an ordinary boy being himself. He became a hero through a whole slew of situations and experiences and then made the decisions heroes make.

As a mom, be the definition of mom that pertains to you, not the definition of mom for someone else.

We are not kings and heroes making decisions and choices kings and  heroes have to make. We are the moms of our children, making decisions only we as their moms can make.

On the other hand, that line we read could mean something different entirely…..


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