Bubble Print Easter Egg Decorations

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Friday I shared a simple Marbled Easter Egg Decoration how to. Today it’s all about bubbles! Its the middle of Spring Break for us, so I decided on something a little spring-like!

We first made bubble print art in 2011. It was so simple and it is a great way to make Easter decorations with your little ones.

Bubble Easter Egg How To

Instructions for Bubble Easter Egg Decorations:

Materials needed:

  • bowls
  • trays for the bowls to set to prevent a complete mess
  • straws
  • paper – either cut into egg shapes or to be cut later
  • lots of food coloring
  • water
  • dish detergent

How to:

You simply put the water, about a tablespoon of dish detergent and about 10 drops of one food coloring into a bowl (err on using more than you think you need). Make this solution for each color you will use for your Bubble Easter Egg decorations.


Bowls of bubbles

It’s best to set the bowls on a tray for the next step if you haven’t already. This is a great time to set them up in rainbow order and talk about ROYGBV!

Insert a straw and blow until the bubbles are almost overflowing. You may need to remind the youngest kiddos to blow out, rather than drink in!


Bubbles in Bowl

Once you have plenty of bubbles gently place your paper on top of the bubbles and wait until they pop. The paper will be almost sitting on top of the bowl and a little color will be peeking through where the paper is wettest.

Gently lift the paper and repeat with as many colors as you’d like! Cutie Pie wanted ‘shy’ colors (not bright), but the pic came out a little white.

Bubble Eggs

If you haven’t cut your paper into egg shapes yet, wait until the paper dries and then cut!

These produce a softer color, depending on how much food coloring you use! (Instead of using cereal size bowls like we did, you might use less food coloring if you use smaller bowls and repeat the entire process several times.)

I think these look great when strung together like bunting!


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