Carnival of the Animals – Lion Mane craft

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Listening to the music and hearing the roar of a lion, meow of a cat, or the almost irritatingly slow melody of the can-can, as if a tortoise were dancing it. The beautiful melody as the cello makes us think of the swan….

This month we had the privilege of hearing Carnival of the Animals played at our local OrKidstra concert! (You can hear movements of it here.) So today we’re making lion manes!

Carnival of the Animals lion's mane craft

Some of the movements have titles like Royal March of the Lion, Hens and Cocks, Tortoises, The Elephant, Kangaroos, and Pianists!

Listen to some or all of Carnival of the Animals with your kids and spend time imagining all the different animals you can hear the orchestra imitate! See if your kids can guess which animals are being portrayed before looking at the title of the movement is fun!

In the spirit of the first movement, (including the introduction) Royal March of the Lion, here is a simple lion mane craft for you to enjoy!

Lion Mane Craft

Materials needed:

paper plate
yellow, orange and brown construction paper
popsicle stick


First, simple cut the center out of the paper plate. This is easily done by folding the paper plate in half, but not creasing it, then cutting out a small circle. Then you have a hole to start cutting through!

Carnival of the Animals lion mane craft

Next, cut strips about an inch wide from each color of your construction paper. (I used strips from sheets of paper that were folded in half then cut to about 4.25 inches.)

Carnival of the Animals lion mane craft https://momistheonlygirl.comNow take your glue stick and glue the ends of your strips. Place these all around the edge of your plate. I did this twice, so the mane was nice and full (you can see the second layer of glue in the pic above). I staggered where I put the second layer of strips.

Use your fingers to gently curl the ends toward the center of the plate, all in the same direction, or roll the paper around a pencil.

The final step is to adhere the popsicle stick to the underside of the plate for a handle!

Carnival of the Animals lion mane craft


Hold the lion mane up to your face and you’re a lion! ROARRRRRR!!

The orchestra which puts on the OrKidstra concerts actually provides the materials and ideas for the crafts prior to the concert. Most times my kids just want to see what the crafts are that go along with the theme of the concert, and when we get home we create!


Listen to Carnival of the Animals with your children and try to figure out what animal is being portrayed before reading the name of the movement, then have fun crafting a lion mane!

Comment below if you l like these sorts of activities and whether you were able to guess any of the animals while you listened!


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