Chalkboard Fun

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A few weeks ago during our bitterly cold spell I pulled out an activity we haven’t done in a while…using masking tape, a chalkboard and some chalk! I originally posted about this letter-learning activity here.

Chalkboard Fun

Sweet Pea still loves to create shape and letter resist art this way! I just wish I had updated pictures of it to share with you! I did want to share this with you, again, though, because I found it interesting that almost a year and a half since first trying this activity he still really enjoys it!

boy peeling masking tape off a chalkboard easle

peeling the tape

This activity is so simple and fun! Simply put masking tape onto a wiped off chalkboard and draw all over it. Then pull the tape off. It’s sort of like resist painting, but with chalk and uses little fingers to remove the tape! (Great fine motor exercise!)

I’ve pulled this little idea out of my hat during this most recent cold spell and it hasn’t lost it’s magic, even now that he’s six and knows his letters ~ he just made different things with the tape!

What a great activity for fine motor work as well as a little gross motor drawing! (One warning, though, clear tape doesn’t work quite as nicely and if stays on too long your chalkboard will be sticky!)

By the way, check out all these ideas I found on Pinterest when I tried searching for the first place I found this activity! Creating with chalkboard paint is still a huge thing! (And here’s a very fun painting job for you to check out, although its one that could cause problems with unwanted words…)

Action Plan

Think of other ways you can have fun with a chalkboard and try them out!

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