L is for Legs

by | Feb 3, 2014 | 5 yr old, Alphabet | 0 comments

I know we started on the letter L over a week ago, but Sweet Pea seems to keep going back to it, so we keep working on it because he finds it fun!

We’ve been busy trying to keep active even though the bitterly cold weather has kept us indoors. I never really thought of my 5 year old as liking things like Lunges, Leg Lifts, and Large arm circles, but he was really getting into the action of doing some simple exercises with me! (and of course I don’t have any pictures of him doing them because I was doing them with him!) He was having a ball!

Now I have one more thing in my ‘stuck indoors’ bag – simple gross motor exercises! And I think we’ll try to find an exercise for every letter of the alphabet! After all, L is for Legs!

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