Letter B

Letter B week! This was a fun week! Sweet Pea still doesn’t want to do much fine motor activity associated with letters, but we had a lot of fun doing things related to the letter B!
Wanna bop my balloon, Mommy?


  • We counted balloons. How many total? How many of each color?
  • We counted how many times we dropped or caught the balloons.
  • We counted how many balloons popped on the grass.


  • We pointed out a lot of things that are Brown
  • SP and I made Magic Bubbles using the recipe from Creative Kids at Home. Here’s the recipe we tried. They have more on their site, you’ve got to check it out!
Magic Bubbles
1 tblsp glycerin
2 tblsp dish soap
9 oz water


  • We read Little Bunny Foo Foo.
  • We read When I’m Big by Sam McBratney
  • Cutie Pie enjoyed wiping the letter F off of the blackboard with a wet paintbrush 
  • Practiced writing letter B in chalk on driveway then washing them off with wet paintbrush


  • We painted with small balloons by pressing them onto paper. This made neat little spots, which Sweet Pea loved!
  • We drew and colored balloons on the driveway with chalk and chalkpaint

    Physical: Fine and Gross Motor:

    • Bopping Balloons outdoors.
    • Throwing and catching balloons.
    • Chasing runaway balloons.
    • Practiced writing letter B on driveway in chalk
    • Bike rides! 
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