Loving Art

watercolor painting
Have you found your child’s interests changing as they are exposed to experiences in new ways?
Cutie Pie always seemed uncomfortable with anything that would potentially get his hands messy prior to going to art class with his first grade classmates! He would almost grudgingly paint and definitely wouldn’t fingerprint after about age 2!
I’m finding the more he has opportunities to try new things, and even re-try things he hasn’t done in a while due to the messy factor, the more he is asking to do them at home!
Imagine our surprise when we noticed the house was quiet and found Cutie Pie masterfully painting a dragon while his brother played with LEGOs! (The concentration and coordination….)

He seems to have become a little artist overnight, loving crafts, drawing, painting, coloring…Is this just an age/stage thing? What has been your experience with your kiddos regarding their interests changing?

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