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by | May 26, 2011 | 4 yr old, Alphabet | 9 comments

Cutie Pie wants to keep going with learning his letters, so as we go this time I’m trying to concentrate a little more on the lowercase letters. I happened to be blog hopping a week or so ago and came across a link to Chalk in My Pocket’s post the Easiest Letter Activity Ever. It is exactly what Cutie Pie needed to connect upper case to lower case letters and it truly is easy!

Simply outline the LeapFrog refrigerator magnets on a large sheet of paper and write in the lowercase alphabet!

It hadn’t occurred to me before, but the LeapFrog refrigerator magnets are all capitals, so Cutie Pie doesn’t have the opportunity to play with lowercase letters. Now he can! This isn’t something I make him work on, it’s just something that hangs on our refrigerator and I find him there every once in a while!

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    What a great idea! I'm currently working with my four y/o on learning to read. I use hooked on phonics-it was effective with my older two and so I'm hoping it will work its magic again. But at times the process can be intensive and full of stress. The magnet idea is a nice subtle way to foster familiarity with the alphabet without ramming it down your son's throat. I like that! I'm your newest follower from Blog hop Thursday. Would love it if you'd swing by my blog when you get a chance! ☺

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  3. Erica K

    so cute.

    thank you for linking up to bassgiraffe's Thoughts. just letting you know that your blog was drawn to be Star Blog for Thursday. My post will go up tonight at 8EST. Congrats.

  4. jared

    wow, very cute stuff + a nice way for the kiddo to lean his letters:)
    following you via thursday bloghop!

  5. Jenny Sulpizio

    Following you from Blog Hop Thursday. Love your blog and I have two boys as well…and one girl to help break up the testosterone a bit.

    Follow back when you get the chance.
    Jenny Sulpizio


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