Magnet spelling

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Camp Slop had a great idea on their blog a while ago. I loved the idea and so did Sweet Pea! If you haven’t been to Camp Slop before you should visit – great ideas!

Based on their idea, I made cards with a simple picture on them and made outlines of Leapfrog Fridge Phonics magnets and the appropriate letters below. I started with the word families ‘at’ and ‘en’, and included words like CAT, HAT, BAT, DEN and MEN.

I simply showed Cutie Pie what I had made and put them by the fridge. He played with them for a few minutes, then went on to something else. However, him playing with them for that short a time was enough to get Sweet Pea interested!

Sweet Pea likes to play with these when we are in the kitchen getting dinner ready. As a five year old he knows his letters and he loves matching games, so this is just all around fun for him! Sometimes I cover up the picture to see if he can match the letters.

This is pretty simple for our 7 year old reader, but for now his occasional interest is enough to get Sweet Pea engaged, so it works!

This was so simple to throw together…give it a try for your emerging reader!

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