Marbled Easter Egg Decorations

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Have you decorated for Easter? (Do you even do that? I only ask because we never really decorate for any holiday other than Christmas – and of course birthdays!)

Marbled Easter Eggs


This is a simple activity that you can do with kids of any age. We first made Marble Art about 5 years ago, when Cutie Pie was three, so with a little supervision young ones will be able to create. The older set might like to experiment by taking this large (and probably outdoors! This could become a gross motor activity!)

Marble Eggs

Marbled Easter Egg Instructions

Materials needed:

  • container with sides – preferably flat on the bottom
  • paper – any size that will fit into your container
  • paints in various colors
  • bowls to hold the paint, big enough to roll and coat the marbles or balls
  • marbles, small balls
  • paper towels (for clean-up)

How to:

First, cover your work surface to protect it from paint and roll up your sleeves!

Lay a piece of paper on the bottom of your tray/container. You can use a large piece of cardboard and bend and tape a few inches on each side as well – this is a great way to go big! With this you can use butcher paper as your paint surface and big balls for the painting (see next step).

Roll marbles or balls in paint and drop onto your paper. Alternatively, you can drop puddles of paint onto the paper and try to roll your marbles through them. Either way can lead to lots of talk about color combinations!

Marble Paint Paper

Lift your tray/container and start shifting it back and forth, raising and lowering the sides to make the marbles roll! (With a larger container you may need to practice cooperation having more than one person holding the container!) You should see your design taking shape!

To change colors, simply lift out the marble, rinse the paint off, and repeat with another color!

Once you have the desired marble pattern on your paper set it aside to dry, then cut it into the shape of an Easter egg!

If you use larger paper you can create larger Easter eggs, or cut more Easter eggs from one sheet!

For the youngest ages, doing this in a cake tin that comes from the store with a plastic cover will make things just a tad easier. That plastic cover will help keep the marble from rolling out!



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