Nature Ride

We took a quick ride around the block on our bikes the other day. I should say it was intended to be a quick ride, just to tire out the boys, however, it took a lot longer than we thought!

Cutie Pie had a great time stopping quite often and picking things up for his ‘collection’! He was very proud to be making a collection and was very excited to investigate everything with his magnifying glass when he got home!

When we got home we put his collection on a large tray and examined each item with a magnifying glass. He talked about the details he noticed, like a twig with a leaf and the different points on a stick. Hubby then got out Cutie Pie’s ‘journal’ and suggested he draw pictures of what he observed. It was really neat watching him draw, something he doesn’t seem to like to do, and then to hear him tell Hubby about his drawings (think Sid the Science Kid Super Fab Lab).

He made some excellent observations! He drew pictures about the colors of the leaves, lines representing how many points on the end of the stick, even a small and large head, which were supposed to be me as he saw me with his eyes and with the magnifying glass!

It’s so fun to see little changes, extensions of his interest since starting Pre-K! What kinds of changes have you realized in your child lately?

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