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I’m sure you’ve heard it or seen the memes floating around on Facebook, although I haven’t seen as many this year…

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month image

You’ve read the stories I’ve posted the past few years about my mom and my friend being breast cancer survivors. (If you haven’t, please check them out here and here!) You’ve heard stories of your own friends and relatives who found a lump and did something about it, or who went for their yearly mammogram and something suspicious was spotted, but finding it led them to being a breast cancer survivor.

They went to one little appointment and it changed their lives.


You’ve also told yourself you didn’t have time. Or “It won’t happen to me, there’s no family history.” I can’t tell you to think otherwise, but please pause a moment to just think about the survival rates of those with breast cancer. One article I read said the survival rates among those who found the lump early (and even those who didn’t) have risen greatly over the past 10 years. Such great news and such a great reason to have your yearly mammogram to either assure yourself everything is fine, or to detect it early, deal with it and get on with living your life!

That one little appointment…make it today.


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