Our 5 favorite rainy day fun things

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Its no secret that I have two boys who love to be outside. So when it rains, like it’s doing here all day today, what do we do? At least our five favorite rainy day fun things of course!

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  1. We get on our rain jackets and rain boots and find every puddle we can to jump in. (Yes, I said WE!)
  2. We hop on our bikes and ride them through every puddle we can find!
  3. We puddle jump some more, and then get out our (outdoor) cars and trucks – the ones that we usually have in our sandbox – and take turns running them through any water that is left where the puddle used to be. Sound effects are a bonus!
  4. Play in the sandbox! I know the wet sand gets everywhere, but it is so fun to build roads, castles and anything else your imagination conjures up when the sand is wet!
  5. We get out all of our balls – big, small, round, oval – and bounce them in the puddles to see which makes the biggest splash!
  6. We search for worms!
  7. We make cookies and hot cocoa and play hide and seek indoors after destroying all the puddles outdoors!

What do you do when it rains?!

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