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Snow-covered yard

I look out the window at a snow-covered yard. Pristine. Not a single footprint. It’s like looking at a picture of a dessert when the wind is still. The shadow from the tree looks like a picture. Cold, white, smooth. Did I mention cold? I stand and wonder when the peaceful display before me will …

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The New Beginning

Starting the New Year like a New Beginning In past years I printed out the little forms for everyone to fill out on New Year’s Day and this year was no different. (I used these cute forms from Thirty Handmade Days this year!) For myself, I focus on trying to figure out if I actually accomplished …

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Our Mom Expectations

I had a nice chat with one of my friends this morning. It was one of those ‘mom’ chats, where you cram everything and anything in because you don’t have kids with you and you have a lot of words to use since you’ll be alone the rest of the day sort of chats. The …

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Are You a Hidden Mom?

For the past seven years I’ve been a mom. That was my main occupation. I was no longer a Medical Transcriptionist, or a Women’s Ministry Leader. My focus was within my home, on my kids and husband. I was a hidden mom, as Emily Wierenga posting at The Better Mom calls it. “As mothers we …

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