St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Science (#1)

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Affiliate links imageSt. Patrick’s Day is a great time to talk about the Rainbow while reinforcing the letter R. There are all sorts of fun rainbow activities to do with your little one, and lots of science, too!

For a favorite rainbow drink activity, check out my post on Rainbow Milk and to make rainbow cookies check out this post.

Rainbow Science

Another fun rainbow science activity involves a glass of water, a box and a bright sunny day. (The boys and I have done a lot of experiments, which we later found in 365 Science Experiments. This is one of them! This is an affiliate link.)

When the sun is shining bright, fill a glass with water. Place it on a low table in the direct sunlight. Then look for the rainbow! If you can’t see it at all or not very well, change the height of your glass, possibly setting it on a box rather than a low table.

Rainbow Science Experiment title over glass on table

Questions to ask

Where is the rainbow in relation to the water? On the floor or the ceiling? Maybe its on the wall?

What happens throughout the day as the sun moves? Does the rainbow move? Does it change in appearance?

What colors can you see? What order are they in? Do the colors appear to change when they fall on different colors of paper?


The water acts as a prism, making the light separate into wavelengths, or individual colors! That is why we see rainbows when it’s raining and sunny!

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