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Have you ever looked up something like “Letter E” on Pinterest? Were you totally amazed by all of the results? It’s incredible how many shapes, sizes, projects, educational tools and who knows what else is out there for each and every letter of the alphabet!

Do you know why this can be a good thing? Kids have a hard time recognizing letters in varying texts because they always see them in the same, or similar, typeface (font).

The other day 4 year old Sweet Pea and I did just this very thing. We typed “Letter E” into the search box on Pinterest. There were so many letter Es in so many fonts it was a bit overwhelming. However, Sweet Pea was fascinated as I scrolled slowly looking at all the images in front of us and could hardly look away.

The one thing he kept saying over and over was “What’s that letter, Mommy?” That’s when it dawned on me that he’s used to seeing letters in the same font (or nearly the same) in his board books, on the letter pages he’s given in preschool…He was so enthralled with all the letters in front of him and so surprised that one letter can look so different! All this does not even include a lowercase e, although we did see some of those, too!

Action: I encourage you to point out letters in different fonts to your kiddos. Let them see the newspaper, a variety of books, the same letter in different fonts next to each other. And tell me how your preschooler reacts! Do they recognize the letter all the time? Are they surprised, like Sweet Pea was, to realize the same letter can look different?

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