Start Big

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This week we’re talking about how to plan for this coming year. I mean after all, moms need to be organized so we don’t miss  an appointment, right?

Planning for the new year but don't know where to start? Start big!

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Start Big

Its either really hard to know where to start planning or so easy to start, then get quickly discouraged, though, isn’t it? To get over this start big! Look at the big picture, the one that affects the whole family. The trick is looking at it in a way that doesn’t really seem so big, so ignore all the details right now. Let’s just think about planning out the basic 2016 calendar for the family.

Follow the advice of someone who’s done it before

I’ve been following Leigh Ann at Intentional by Grace for a while and have stumbled upon her Planning 101 series several times. This year, however, I’m actually following the steps she shares to plan for the overall year for my family.

Leigh Ann walks you through making sure everything for your family is on your calendar for the year so you don’t forget the little things!


Go ahead and check out Leigh Ann’s post, and make sure you have your calendar ready! There are so many sources for printable calendars on the internet, but I like the printable calendar and planner pages at Scattered Squirrel! (I was going to make my own to add to this post, but came across these!) If you are a blogger and looking for a life and blogging planner, check out Wonderlass!

Next step:

Come back on Friday to check out the way I’m planning to accomplish my goals and mini-goals!

*Disclaimer: I am linking to these pages simply because I like them, these are not sponsored or affiliate links at the time of publishing.

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