Strawberry Taste Test

Cutie Pie, ‘I noticed one of these strawberries is very hairy.’ I looked and noticed it did seem to have little hairs. Please tell me you’ve noticed this on strawberries, too!

This simple question led to an Internet search. I don’t know if I was looking up the wrong words or not, but we couldn’t find much about that, only about mold on strawberries, which this was not!

It did lead us to buying some strawberries at the store and picking some (with our loving neighbor’s permission) and conducting a taste test experiment!

First we observed and compared the color, texture, size and smell of the two categories of strawberries. Then Cutie Pie and Sweet Pea conducted a taste test, as scientifically accurately as two pre-school boys can!

Remarkably, they said they could not discern a difference. Hubby and I think they were just saying that do they could taste test some more! Of course both were delicious! Have you done a strawberry taste test, home grown vs. store-bought? What were your results?



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