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In past years Cutie Pie has taken part in the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading club. I didn’t realize until this year that there are several other programs like this to help promote summer reading! (Ahem, I mean other than the public library, but we all go there regularly in the summer, right? Seriously, we do! Every week!)

I’ll share just a few of the free Summer Reading Clubs with you today. It’s not too late to begin if your child has been on break a week or more already!

Free Online Summer Reading Clubs

As part of the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program you print out a little booklet. When your child has finished reading a book, write the title and author as well as a very brief reason other children should read the book on the form on the booklet. Once this booklet is completely filled out (before a set date) head to the store and hand it in ~ then pick out a free book! (Free books are specified on the booklet by age group.)

Cutie Pie loves the incentive of a free book! Sweet Pea is very excited to get his free book this summer, too!

Another summer reading program we are going to borrow parts of this summer is called Summer Reading Adventures. It’s a “Do-It-Yourself Summer Reading Camp.” There’s a whole summer of fun laid out weekly with themes  and links are provided to writing prompts, puzzles, games and more.

“Everything you need to host 10 fun weeks of reading camp – a new theme each week! Created in cooperation with PBS KIDS®.”

Sweet Pea still likes some of the PBS shows that are highlighted each week through this source, which is why we’ll be pulling some of our reading and activity ideas from here.

A third that’s free to participate in is from Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge, Power up and Read. The parents section has tips to help get your child reading this summer as well as book lists and activity ideas. The kids section is where kids can log in their reading minutes, play games and more. (This reading challenge does require the child to register, so check the safety guards in place first.)

Doing a quick search online presented more reading challenges, but these three interested us the most. I’m hoping this is the summer Cutie Pie takes off and starts loving to read to himself! Sweet Pea is already reading anything and everything he sees, so we’re looking forward to seeing what books interest him, too!

Two more reading challenges worth mentioning:

Book It – sponsored by Pizza Hut (There isn’t a ton of information on their site, but the challenge starts June 22nd.) This looks like it might be interesting for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan.

Book Adventure – there is a quiz component to this reading challenge (a great way to see if your child really read the book) as well as prizes to win.

Action Plan:

Take a gander at these Summer Reading Clubs/Programs/Challenges and if you know of any others please let us know!

Are you participating in any this summer (even for yourself?!)


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