2013 Halloween Costumes

I can’t believe I actually forgot to post our Halloween costumes. How crazy that I could possibly forget with everyone posting them everywhere that night and the next morning! Forgive this relapse, but I just had to share since Hubby got into the action (being a school teacher he sometimes indulges his students!)

Our village has a trick or treat trail and its not to be missed! Our handmade dragon costume was worn by Cutie Pie’s uncle when he was little, and (handmade) Batman was worn by Hubby when he was in Kindergarten (we think he was that age…) They now reside in our costume/pretend play box! I love that Hubby’s mom saved these all these years so our kiddos can enjoy them!

 And Hubby was a hit at school in his Dr. Seuss character costume and even had his lines memorized! he was flabbergasted by the amount of students and teachers alike who had no idea who he was!

 My guys heading out trick or treating…

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