A is for Apple painting

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After your little apple investigation you can paint with apples!

You’ll need a paper covered work area (trust me, I should have done this step!), paint brush, paint, paper and an apple for this activity.

Take the apple and a paint brush, and coat the apple with red paint (or color of your choosing).

Lay the apple paint side down on some paper, like you do with a stamp.

You’ll get a pretty star design if the slice across the apple you made was flat! If not you can have another great little investigative discussion! I found a large knife to work better at making a flat slice than a smaller one. Just be careful around your little one with the knife and make sure to put it where they can’t get to it when you’re done!

Since we had the red paint out I quickly printed out a large letter A and laid it on the table, hoping he’d paint it. He remembered it from preschool the day before and set to work painting it!

My 4 year old loved this more than I thought he would! Of course he ended up with hands covered in red paint, but he had used his brush and painted them very well!

What A is for Apple activities have you been doing with your little ones this fall?

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