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What will you give? Prompting children to give and be generous. https://momistheonlygirl.com

What will you give?

Can you believe the stores are decorated for Christmas already? I don’t really want to think about it yet, but the grandparents have been asking what types of things to get the boys. It got me thinking about this coming holiday from another perspective.


What are they going to GIVE?

Have you thought about asking your kids what they want to GIVE? I remember asking Cutie Pie (when he was five) what he would give if he could give anything at all.

This was his (5 year old) response…

“A brontosaurus and LEGOs to a boy with no toys.
To my friends I would give pets.
To a stranger, a piece of paper because I don’t know them and they could do a lot of different things with paper.”

What ideas do your kids have to give? Have you asked them?

What spell would you use? A little of the fun my boys are conjuring up while reading the Harry Potter series. https://momistheonlygirl.com

What spell would you use?

Our family is enjoying the Harry Potter series of books (you know, the ones by J.K. Rowling), fascinated by all the wizards and witches (and miscommunication), the passageways of the castle, and the young characters’ adventures. They’ve led to several discussions about when to come to an adult…

What spell would you use? Just a little of the fun my boys are conjuring up while reading the Harry Potter series https://momistheonlygirl.com

Hubby and I are enjoying reading the books after seeing the movies, and are being begged to read the same book each night. Story time used to consist of maybe two or three books at night. Now its usually half hour of reading and only sometimes finishing a chapter! (loooong chapters, but totally capturing their interest!)

Reading this series has brought about a new kind of play for Sweet Pea. We often see him outside running in the backyard with a stick between his legs. It is pretty obvious he’s flying playing Quidditch! His imagination has developed to include dialogue between him and his (pretend) teammates when he reflects his adventures back to us.

Sometimes Cutie Pie will join him in playful banter and they’ll be ‘casting spells’ on each other. They are usually for things like getting the other to stay out of their room, or to get the other to spin in circles. I’m sure if we pointed out that they are playing well together when doing this, the mood would be spoiled!


What books or series of books are you reading with your family?

What sorts of activities do you see your kids doing that are a result of their reading?

*I have in no way been compensated for liking and mentioning this book. It is a sole reflection of the interests of my children.

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com

What’s round like a top? (but isn’t really)

My boys have been doing a lot of building and experimental building. Read:  coming up with ideas to build and then using only specific materials to build with!

Their building materials of choice? Both LEGO and K’Nex! The materials were selected after they chose what they were going to try to build.

Their creations? Mainly spinning tops! (or spinners and I used to call them)

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com

Spinning tops building

Both boys sat down and thought out their basic design (ages 7 and 9). They started trying very hard to create round objects that would spin, but discovered in their testing phase that square objects look round when spun. This opened a variety of ways to build their spinning tops!

When using LEGOs, the boys tended at first to grab the more round pieces, but as they tested more and more of their creations, they started to shift towards the square pieces as they seemed more stable when they spun.

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com

Spinning tops testing = discoveries

Also through their testing of their tops, they discovered the need for the top to be balanced, or it wobbled. They seemed to be able to build in a more balanced way on the square (and even sometimes rectangular) pieces. “It has to do with math, mom.”

It was interesting watching them go through a little scientific process to narrow down both their building materials and technique. Their structures got pretty complex, but also heavy and they soon realized the tops wouldn’t spin very well if they were heavy, either.

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com

We had a little photoshoot on the dining room floor trying to capture the designs they made while spinning and then a still-shot so you can see the actual creation. (This also led to them switching some colored pieces in so they looked ‘cool’.)

They had so much fun making these spinning and taking pictures! We’re sharing just a few here (the ones that came out! Its hard to take pictures of spinning things!)

boy-designed and built spinning tops at https://momistheonlygirl.com
This is the spin top in the title image.



Give this activity a shot with your kiddos! Offer the activity suggestion and see what creations they come up with!

What are your kids’ favorite building toys, and what do they build?


Simple Valentine at https://momistheonlygirl.com

Fill in the Blanks Valentine

Last winter I posted here about a fun fill-in-the-blank activity I did with Cutie Pie. What I didn’t post was that in first grade, he came up with a fill-in-the-blank Valentine for his teacher! I wish I had kept a copy of what he made her, but it was a simple, cute and creative little gift that his teacher truly appreciated!

Simple fill-in-the-blank Valentine at https://momistheonlygirl.com

We started by me asking a few things he liked about his teacher. (She told funny jokes. She had red hair. She liked minions. etc) Then I asked what he liked about school. And finally I asked about what things are in his classroom.

Read more

Carnival of the Animals lion mane craft https://momistheonlygirl.com

Carnival of the Animals – Lion Mane craft

Listening to the music and hearing the roar of a lion, meow of a cat, or the almost irritatingly slow melody of the can-can, as if a tortoise were dancing it. The beautiful melody as the cello makes us think of the swan….

This month we had the privilege of hearing Carnival of the Animals played at our local OrKidstra concert! (You can hear movements of it here.) So today we’re making lion manes!

Carnival of the Animals lion's mane craft https://momistheonlygirl.com Read more

What's in the box? -a sense of hearing Christmas game using simple home materials {shared from Mom is the Only Girl https://momistheonlygirl.com}

What’s in the box? – a sense of hearing {Christmas} game

When my boys were smaller we used to play a sense of hearing game called ‘What’s in the cup’ or some other derivative I would come up with when we were ready to play it. (I’ve written about this here and here.) This year I’m calling it ‘What’s in the box?’

What's in the box? A sense of hearing experiment with Christmas items for an extra challenge! (at Mom is the Only Girl https://momistheonlygirl.com)

Sense of hearing Anytime version:

Basically, I’d put a few objects in a container and they would shake and tilt and tip it trying to use their sense of hearing to figure out what the object was. Usually familiar objects were used…paperclips, LEGOs, beads. These items would be placed in a plastic container – think old butter containers with lids taped on!

Sense of hearing Christmastime version:

At Christmastime this game had a fun twist built in to it. The day after we brought out the Christmas items and decorated, I would place smaller items in unbreakable, covered containers and the boys would try to guess what they were. I would use things like extra ornament hangers, a small (unbreakable) ornament, a candy cane (which they would later have as a special treat).

The twist – I have a few special boxes that I had planned on using to help tell the Christmas story (think the three wise men) and most recently used these in our little sense of hearing game! These boxes are made of wood! Think it changes the sounds the boys would hear if the containers were plastic?

The added challenge of using somewhat unfamiliar items usually only seen, touched, and possibly heard ups the ante for children my kids’ ages (seven and just about nine.)

Since I’m using wooden boxes this year, we haven’t done the written portion of the experiment I wrote about here, as it is just too cumbersome trying to involve numbers and recording hypotheses and still keep this a quick activity, although it is a definite possibility if I prepare this activity ahead of time.


We’ve also played this game placing the items in a sock (or stocking at Christmastime) and tried guessing what the object was by sense of touch only, turning it into a sense of touch game!

The Mystery Box - opening a mysterious box of books from childhood can ignite the imaginations of your kids! https://momistheonlygirl.com

The Mystery Box

It was like Christmas….

The Mystery Box - opening a mysterious box of books from childhood can ignite the imaginations of your kids! https://momistheonlygirl.com

A mystery box was found in our garage. When Hubby opened this mystery box, he discovered his favorite books from childhood!

We’ve had fun reading Hubby’s favorites from when he was a kids… Ferdinand by Munro Leaf, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst, and Splish Splash! by Ethel and Leonard Kessler.

My boys never really ask what we read as kids. When they ask us about our childhoods its about what computer games we played or whether there were actually school field trips waaaaay back when, so its been very fun to see their imaginations after reading these books!

It almost seems appropriate to pull “old” books out around Christmastime, like pulling out photo albums around birthdays. The magic that appears during story time at night, all cuddled up on the couch reading books that are so familiar to the touch and to the ear…..


Think about how you can introduce something familiar to you, maybe from your childhood, but new to your children this Christmas to bring about a renewed sense of wonder….and share it below!


Red Cardinal Craft https://momistheonlygirl.com

Cardinal Bird Craft

Yesterday I shared the love my family has for the book Stranger in the Woods: a Photographic Fantasy, by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick, and a picture of the red cardinal bird we made based on the red cardinal in the book. Today, I’m sharing how we made the cardinal!

Stranger in the Woods Cardinal craft https://momistheonlygirl.com

Please check this book out as a possible gift for your little ones. It is such an endearing story and the photographs in it are beautiful!


Here’s how we made the Cardinal from Stranger in the Woods:


Cardinal Bird Craft


paper plates (red if possible)
red paint (if plates are not red)
red streamers or construction paper
orange construction paper
white and black construction paper (or google eyes, or black crayons)


Red Cardinal Craft how-to https://momistheonlygirl.com

    1. Get/make red paper plates. We didn’t have red paper plates the first time we made these, so we painted our white plates red and they came out fine.
    2. Make your feathers for the tail. Make several feathers out of red construction paper for the tail. Sweet Pea had the idea to use red streamers, but we didn’t have any. Simply cut out red construction paper into triangles and fringe one edge. You can get creative with this part, or just make them very simple, depending on what you want your bird’s tail to look like.Red Cardinal Bird Craft Stranger in the Woods https://momistheonlygirl.com
    3. Make the face. You’ll need to add an orange (or black) triangle for the beak. Have it ready for the next step. Make eyes for the cardinal or have google eyes ready.
    4. Get gluing! Once the paint is dry, fold your paper plate in half, matching up the curved edge. The fold line is the top of the bird.
      ~ Glue your red tail feathers into place for the tail. It’s important to fold first! You could simply glue one feather right at the fold and fold that, also make sure to glue it only in that spot. You could also glue a feather or two on to each side of the fold. That’s the tail!
      ~ Then glue the front of the bird only, sticking the folded orange triangle on for the beak.
    5. Finally, make the wings. (By this step you should have just two small spots glued, one in the front by the beak and one in the back by the tail.) Take one sheet of red construction paper and accordion fold it width-wise. Make a small slit in the paper plate about an inch from the fold (that’s the top of the bird). Thread the wings through! I found this easy to do with my rotary cutter or my Xacto knife. (This is definitely for a parent to do!)
    6. Cardinal Bird Craft how to https://momistheonlygirl.comRed Cardinal Bird Craft for Stranger in the Woods https://momistheonlygirl.comWe punched a hole in the top center of the bird (making sure it balanced) and hung it in front of the window!

Red Cardinal Bird Craft for Stranger in the Woods https://momistheonlygirl.com

A beautiful, kid-made red cardinal, just like in Stranger in the Woods!

For me, its not about the finished product, the process, or the boys following directions. Its about spending time together having fun working towards a common goal! When our projects turn out this cute its a bonus!

Bonus: This summer we made these as white birds with rainbow tails, using different colored curled ribbon for the tail. So many ideas for this paper plate bird/cardinal craft!  Wish I had gotten a picture of those – they were very pretty!


Stranger in the Woods – book review

*This post contains affiliate links.

Just a few years ago the boys received the book, Stranger in the Woods (a Photographic Fantasy), by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick for Christmas. We have adored this book ever since and I think you will, too!

The forest is waking up, but something is amiss!

Following the forest animals, we track down a mysterious figure spotted in the woods. Is it nice? Is it friendly?


Stranger inthe WoodsBook & Bird Craft https://momistheonlygirl.com

“The birds were the first to notice…”

The animals are all flustered and start discussing who should investigate this stranger in the woods. My boys’ favorite is the chickadee.

“But… I am… I am…RED!”

This cute story about a {nice} stranger in the woods (who also has some food for the forest animals) is so cleverly written that my boys love to read it over and over even still! The boys even have plans this winter to build a snowman and leave some birdseed on it!

We simply adore this book and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today!

One day, Sweet Pea wanted to make a cardinal, “like in the book”. I’ll share the simple how-to with you tomorrow, but here is the sneak peek and the list of materials for you to gather!

Red Cardinal Craft https://momistheonlygirl.com

Supplies for the Cardinal Bird Craft:

paper plates (red if possible)
red paint (if plates are not red)
red streamers or construction paper
orange construction paper
white and black construction paper (or google eyes, or black crayons)

thankful garland

Thankful garland

Just a quick idea to share with you as you contemplate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Tradition Thankful Garland

A few years ago we made what we call Thankful Garland. Every day in the month of November we wrote one thing we were thankful for on a strip of paper and made a paper garland with them as they were written. (Make a loop with the first paper and staple, then make more loops stringing the paper through the first and stapling those until a garland is formed.)

We left this hanging over the doorway into the family room until we took our Christmas decorations down, making sure to read it when we did as a great reminder of what we are thankful for and reasons to be thankful for Jesus’ birth!


giant google eyes on door

Oh those eyes…

Last year we actually decorated for Halloween. It’s my least favorite ‘holiday’ of the year, but my kids absolutely love pretending to be something else for a day, so I try to have fun with it.

So when I say decorated I don’t mean the spooky stuff. I mean large white google eyes on the door! These are so fun, in the spirit of halloween, and best of all simple to make! (I saw these a couple of years ago pinned by Maker Mama. Hers are a little heftier and could probably do better than mine outdoors, please check hers out! I changed a couple of things up to be more kid-making friendly.) Read more

Summer Reading

Summer break begins for us this coming Tuesday. I know many of you are already well into your summer breaks and I hope you are having fun! If you’re doing anything super fun, let us know in the comments!

In anticipation of the boys being home for ten weeks while my husband and I trade off working and keeping the boys occupied (which is totally new territory for us) I have been trying to get organized so the summer weeks don’t waste away before our eyes! Read more

Dinosaur Books for Dino loving kids at https://momistheonlygirl.com

15 Great Dinosaur Books – needs pic

Cutie Pie loves his dinosaur books still, even though he’s really into dragons. With so many books about dinosaurs on our shelves, I thought I’d compile a list of the dinosaur books from our ‘little’ collection for you. I’m sure most of these are in your public library – maybe some are more popular than others.

15 Awesome Dinosaur Books for Dino loving kids at https://momistheonlygirl.com

I’ve only linked to a few books, just so you can check a few out (I’m not an affiliate). Most of these will be available from your local library!

As Cutie Pie started to read on his own more and more, he gravitated toward Graphic Dinosaurs Comics by Rob Shone. Our librarian showed us these books in the comics section. These are laid out in more of a comic book style, and he really liked that about them.

I think to some degree dinosaur books will always be on our shelves! What about yours?


Bubble Print Easter Egg Decorations

Friday I shared a simple Marbled Easter Egg Decoration how to. Today it’s all about bubbles! Its the middle of Spring Break for us, so I decided on something a little spring-like!

We first made bubble print art in 2011. It was so simple and it is a great way to make Easter decorations with your little ones.

Bubble Easter Egg How To

Instructions for Bubble Easter Egg Decorations:

Read more

Marbled Easter Egg Decorations

Have you decorated for Easter? (Do you even do that? I only ask because we never really decorate for any holiday other than Christmas – and of course birthdays!)

Marbled Easter Eggs


This is a simple activity that you can do with kids of any age. We first made Marble Art about 5 years ago, when Cutie Pie was three, so with a little supervision young ones will be able to create. The older set might like to experiment by taking this large (and probably outdoors! This could become a gross motor activity!) Read more

Playing in a new space

I posted a little while ago about playing a game by other rules. What if we extend this idea to playing with other things in different ways? What about playing in a new space with an old toy? Will it lead to discovery and exploration? You bet ya!

Playing in a New Space

New Play Space Suggestion

The other day Sweet Pea asked if he could play with the Legos in the dining room. He wanted to make a train on the table. At first I wasn’t so sure ~ we always play with the with the Legos on the floor laid out on a blanket. This was a new space for Legos and I wasn’t really keen on the mess to follow. However, he had a very good idea, so why not? Read more

What I tell myself


“One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?” ~ Rachel Carson

I read this quote the other day and realized I don’t think this often enough.

When my boys were younger I could so easily see things through their eyes as they were experiencing things for the first time. Now that they are older I find it harder to do, maybe because they aren’t having new experiences as often.

Today, however, my boys and I are home alone (school conferences, so Hubby still has work) and I’m telling myself to see things as if I’d never seen them before, and as if I will never see them again. I tried last night as we sat at the sewing machine. They wanted to make beanbags…And I did find myself starting to be excited with them.

I do have a question, though, and I sincerely hope you all will take a minute to answer, because as tired moms I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves wondering this…

If what we do is something I have experienced, how do I make this transition in my mind and find the excitement of seeing it for the first time?




Does it add up? (experiment)

This is a fun experiment that’s almost like a magic trick. I came upon this when we were having fun with the materials for the Sky Blue Experiment and Cutie Pie was trying to make his own little experiment.

Since this involves both water and rubbing alcohol, which look the same when in a clear container, you can easily leave your child totally confused if you don’t let them know you are using two different liquids! (I’ll leave it up to you if you’d like to be a magician or not!)

Does it add up Experiment


It goes without saying that this is a science experiment, so use protective clothing, cover your workspace if you deem it necessary and make sure there is an adult around! Read more

DIY Spring Bird Feeders

…and you can find a bag of birdseed anywhere…
-from Tom T. Hall’s song Everybody Loves to Hear a Bird Sing 

We made spring bird feeders the other day. Crazy, I know, since there is still about 3 feet of snow on the ground, but we are beginning to see and hear some birds around! Since everything is still frozen, we decided to make bird feeders so our migrating friends won’t starve!


Spring Bird FeedersThis method of making bird feeders has been around a long time, and was even put into song by Tom T. Hall in the early years of my life. (Scroll to the bottom to find out who he is!) Hubby even has a picture book that goes along with the record which he kept from his childhood!

                                           …Here’s how to make friends with a bird…

Read more

Dressing for the cold weather

Affiliate Links imageHopefully spring is on it’s way, but all of this bitterly cold weather has me still thinking about dressing warmly! I’m going to share what I wear in these temperatures as well as some safety tips for playing outside with the kids (because we know it’s not good to be outside for very hat has been officially called the coldest month of February on record. Some days we’ve had a windchill of 30 below zero, with temps not reaching above zero for a few days in a row.

Dressing for Cold Weather

Of course, today it’s 30 and we are expecting some freezing rain tonight! Anyway, feel free to post this to Pinterest for next year’s cold weather reference!

Read more

Get Creative at (link)

Last week I showed photos of our winter break. There was one creative activity that I just had to come back and share with you. Doodle Cubes*** from Babble Dabble Do! Coloring these was sort of a cathartic exercise for me, so I decided to post it today, a day of the week I usually reserve for a mom-related topic.

Doodle Cubes

Ana at Babble Dabble Do titled her post for these as “Drawing Ideas for Kids”. I initially thought I would just give the printouts of these to the boys and we could create together. Possibly getting a little more involved than just coloring one and leaving it at that.

I had this great idea that we could be really creative and color two or more to have them stack creating a picture. Of course, things didn’t get that far before 6 year old Sweet Pea decided he wanted to create something out of Minecraft (current obsession) and decided he didn’t want to work as a team with me.

Little did I know getting creative was just the thing I needed to get out of the doldrums of being stuck inside during the freezing temps (I mean, literally freezing – with the wind blowing it felt like 30 degrees below zero!)

I pulled out my own markers (Sweet Pea likes to pop the ink part of his in, rendering markers useless) and got to work. Oh my was it addicting!

Go ahead and make your own Doodle Cubes! Just the thing for you to color alongside your little one! (Then you can both play with colors, improve your coordination and improve your fine motor skills through coloring and cutting!) Try to create a picture so when the final cubes are stacked you can see it! I challenge you!

***I in no way want to take credit for this activity and am referring you to the original site for the printable…if you have positive comments about your experience creating with these I would love to hear, but I think Ana would even more!

Fill in the Blanks

Affiliate Links imageHave you heard of Mad Libs? (They are fairly inexpensive as you can see by following this affiliate link.) You can make this similar quick writing activity geared towards younger elementary kids for when you just need a few minutes to finish something up if you don’t have any handy!

DIY Mad Libs

This activity can also reinforce parts of speech, like the actual Mad Libs with labels under the blank line, or just be focused on getting your child to write! Read more

A Game by Other Rules

Gramma’s visits always give us several opportunities to play games. On this occasion, Sweet Pea pulled out Fish, a cute card set with pictures of fish which you can either play Memory or Go Fish with. the Twist…Sweet Pea made up his own rules to Go Fish!

His rules included everyone getting the number of cards that matched their age (except for Gramma, because there weren’t enough cards!) Play goes from youngest to oldest and the youngest plays with all his cards showing. After a few minutes the boys decided to play according to the proper rules and they still had fun!

I know we should teach our kids to follow rules, but I think there is room for discovery and exploration if we give a little wiggle room. I love watching how things turn out when the rules are altered. Many times it results in trial and error, other times not so much. One thing that often times results is a lot of fun experiencing something new!

What would happen if we changed the rules to other games? Hmmm…give it a try and see!

(Sometimes I wish I were still young enough to make my own rules for life!)


Winter break fun

Winter break is supposed to be filled with cold and fun in this part of the country (Rochester, NY area), however this break has been a little too much for us! I don’t mean to complain, I know there are a lot of others who have much more snow and have been experiencing much colder temperatures. We’ve only had temperatures hovering around zero with wind chills sometimes making it feel like -30.

We have been able to get outside once, but for the most part this winter weather is just too dangerously cold to enjoy all the snow! I’ll post more about some of the fun we had next week! (As well as tips on dressing for this weather!)

Here are some photos from our winter-y winter break for you to enjoy! Think of it as a reminder why you don’t live here, or as living vicariously for those of you who miss the snow!

Do your kids have a winter break? What have they been up to?



St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Science (#1)

Affiliate links imageSt. Patrick’s Day is a great time to talk about the Rainbow while reinforcing the letter R. There are all sorts of fun rainbow activities to do with your little one, and lots of science, too!

For a favorite rainbow drink activity, check out my post on Rainbow Milk and to make rainbow cookies check out this post.

Rainbow Science

Another fun rainbow science activity involves a glass of water, a box and a bright sunny day. (The boys and I have done a lot of experiments, which we later found in 365 Science Experiments. This is one of them! This is an affiliate link.)

Read more

Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers. Simple creative fun for any day.

Sweet pea loves playing with water and color, so we used some medicine droppers and water with food coloring added and had some fun just playing. We got to combine colors, experiment with how we used the medicine droppers, so much to explore!

Then we made our flowers! This isn’t something I came up with, rather a quick search on Pinterest for simple coffee filter flowers will bring many results for how to manipulate the coffee filters into pretty flowers with chenille stems.

This is such an easy craft. But something about scrunching up the centers of these coffee filters when they are dry and wrapping them with a chenille stem to resemble flowers always melts the heart!

Have a wonderful time sharing love to those around you with pretty flowers!


Paper Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Paper Hearts Valentines at https://momistheonlygirl.comWe all know Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I’m sharing a very simple paper heart craft from my childhood today! I think we called these Magic Hearts when I was little.

All you’ll need is a sheet of both red and white construction paper, scissors, a paint brush, and vinegar.

Paper heart Valentines at https://momistheonlygirl.comFirst, cut out your red paper hearts. Great scissor fine motor practice!

Next, using your paintbrush and vinegar, wet down your white construction paper. The wetter, the better! (Of course, we all know kids like to use a lot, but no puddles or it will take a long time to dry!) I know for some kiddos with dry hands the vinegar might sting. You can certainly do this with water, but the resulting color will be faint.

Paper heart Valentines at https://momistheonlygirl.com Then, press your paper hearts onto the wet paper and rub them down. Follow this by painting the hearts with vinegar. Again, the wetter, the better! (If you are using water, you’ll want to make sure both the heart and paper are saturated and reapply water several times before letting everything dry.)

Set them aside to dry.

Paper Heart Valentines at https://momistheonlygirl.com
Once dried, gently lift the hearts and you’ll see the color transferred to the white construction paper. If the color is not as dark as desired, simply repeat the process!

This paper is great with just an “I love you!” note written inside the heart, or use the paper and the hearts to make a card!

I think you can tell this project isn’t about the process or a glamorous finished product. Its a great activity to keep little ones busy using their hands! As always, adult supervision is an awesome idea!

Bonus: use the leftover vinegar for some bubbly projects like these: Inflating Balloon Experiment, or Exploding Paint Experiment.


Shy Blue science experiment

Affiliate links imageWith the bitterly cold weather we’ve been doing a few more things inside. (Read – experiments!)

Science Experiment at https://momistheonlygirl.com

I’m sharing a fun one today. It’s called Shy Blue and requires only a few materials which you most likely have in your home. (We’ve done this experiment before. I took pictures this most recent time, but only the one with green food coloring came out. The one below is from last year when I prepped another post, but never published it.) Read more

Jax – a snow day treat

Have you ever made Jax? Oh, it is delicious and only takes a fresh snowfall and some maple syrup to make. Well, I guess a bowl, a spoon, and someone to eat it! I thought after all of the snow falling in the northeast some may be looking for a snow day treat!

Snow and Maple Syrup Jax at https://momistheonlygirl.com

Jax is something my dad used to ‘make’ for us when I was a kid. I have no real idea where the name came from, he just always called it that! It’s a great memory!

After a fresh snowfall, when the snow is clean and white, scoop some into a bowl. Pour maple syrup (real or fake, but real is delicious!) over the snow. The syrup will get just a little gooey – and that is the tasty part! Sit back and enjoy!

Jax is a simple, fun, snow day treat for your sense of taste!