The Art of Negotiation

Don’t you just love it when kids start to play with each other rather than just next to each other? It used to be that most of the time Cutie Pie was trying to direct the play, however, more and more lately Sweet Pea is trying to play with Cutie Pie, which sometimes still leads to altercations.

Hubby and I were just talking about how when they start to argue they negotiate to a solution and contine playing, no parent intervention (or at least not often!) We used to think we negotiated with our boys a little too much, didn’t ‘pick’ our fights, however I’m realizing we may do that, but they’ve learned from it! (And by the way, we do pick our fights and we usually ‘win’!)

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  1. My sons are still at the stage where the older one (four) directs the play or does most of the playing while my younger one (thirteen months) watches or attempts to join in, while possibly agitating his brother because he isn't doing something right. I look forward to them playing together more.

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