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We gave ourselves a family gift at Christmas. A fish tank. We’ve been trying to teach our boys responsibility with it, as well as just enjoying watching the fish – relaxing! It’s been interesting to say the least!

Unfortunately, the first fish that Cutie Pie named (Big Foot) died about 3 weeks after we got him. Then slowly the next 3 fish died one by one. We discovered we were teaching our boys about death of pets instead. (I would post a pic, but the only one we have that has come out well is of Big Foot and that seems sort of disrespectful in a way, even though he was just a fish.)

We visited the store, asked questions, tried getting our new fish from another store. After much research, a phone call and trial and error, Hubby visited the store once more with a water sample. He talked with yet another person and just happened to phrase an answer to a question just enough different to make this person ask another question which led to the great discovery. We now have healthy fish.

It’s funny how asking the right questions leads to more questions and ultimately the answer that fixes everything. I find often that it is just the same with my boys. We can go around in circles with our conversations, until just the right thing is said and we make the great discovery! (Then I usually do a victory dance….)

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