Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ My Experience

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I sit here in the sitting room of the Breast Cancer Center waiting for my name to be called for my mammogram. I’m watching anxious feet rise and fall as ladies are sitting, their legs crossed, waiting for their names to be called or for their mammogram results. I’m noticing there are very few that look my age.

This is a much different than the first time I shared my mammogram experience with you.
It’s odd, the feeling in this room today. There’s a group of ladies chatting busily in the corner. From the conversation I think they are old friends and come as a group every year. There are pages of magazines flipping, ladies sipping non-caffienated tea. Ladies coming and going, some to the massage therapist while they wait, others going with the nurse. Relaxing piano music playing from speakers above, HGTV on the big screen, fish swimming around the huge fish tank in the middle of the room. A very casual, relaxing atmosphere, although those feet are still rising and falling and there’s a bit of anxiety in the air.

After a short wait and recognition of my surroundings, my name is called by a nice young nurse and I’m escorted to a small, dimly-lit room filled with machines. I set my things down and do as I’m gently directed.

There’s nothing embarrassing about removing my arm from the dressing gown and allowing the nurse to place my breasts exactly how she needs to. There is pressure, but no pain. I hold my breath as she instructs, the machine whirs and the process repeats.

I have dense breasts, so today they are taking 3D images. That’s why the movable part of the machine also moves for two of the pictures, but the plate I’m placed on stays still (and I try to stay extremely still, as directed.)

Five minutes later I’m back in my chair in the waiting room, patiently waiting for the results. This facility has doctors on staff who review the images immediately. I’m sure that’s a relief to some who are worried.

My name is called again and this time I’m escorted to a small room off the waiting area. I’m handed a sheet of information that describes the type of breast tissue I have as well as the mammogram results. No suspicious lumps or spots were found on any of the images.

I change, take a look at the jewelry for sale in the lobby and leave. Whispering a prayer of thanks.
I notice the helicopter flying low overhead, the chill of fall in the air, the lady headed to her car next to mine, and I think…what would I have done if I weren’t given good news today.

I know some experiences are not the same as mine. In every case I am thankful technology exists that can detect breast cancer.

So grab a friend if you’re not sure about going alone, and make that appointment. Do your self breast exam in the shower (alone). It’s so much better to find it early…

 Did you see my friend, Lisa on the Dr. Oz show? An amazingly encouraging lady!

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