C is for Cars

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I’ve been reviewing letters that Sweet Pea has already learned, just to make sure he keeps track of them! One way I am doing this is by coming up with words starting with that letter (which is something I’ve integrated into his letter learning all along)! Many times this leads to thinking about a certain activity, and it did this time, too!

Cars, car tracks, crash, catch, cat, can, cart, castle, cotton candy, cut, color, cousins

After letting Sweet Pea plan his morning one day we settled into playing with his Hot Wheels tracks and cars. He did a great job assembling a track and instructing me to build a curvy track. It was so fun to see his brain at work! There certainly were a lot of car crashes, but that’s part of the fun around here!
(Lots of talk about processes and sequences were discussed, too, while constructing our tracks and he was very good at giving me instructions!)
We also assembled a 3D letter C from Mr. Printables. As usual, we tried to think of something to physically attach to the letter C to remind us what it sounds like. Sweet Pea chose pictures of his cousins, since their names start with C and a cotton ball! Perfect!
I don’t think all the counting we did was necessarily attached to the letter C activities of the week, however, we did do a whole lot of it and several times ‘counting’ was brought up as a C word, which seemed to tickle Sweet Pea’s funny bone!
Other letter C activities: painting with cars, candy corn crafts (which we did around Halloween time), cutting practice, road letters
A fun letter C book: Construction Alphabet by Jerry PallottaThis post contains affiliate links

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