Colors and Animals with my Toddler

Sweet Pea has gotten interested in books so much that he’ll actually bring specific books to us to read to him. This isn’t yet normal for him like it was for his big brother who started doing it as soon as he could walk, but we’re loving it! His two favorite books at the moment are First 100 Animals Bright Baby and What is Green? A colors book by Kate Endle. (This is not a review of these books, and is in no way a result of my being paid or given an incentive of any kind from the makers of these books. It is solely my opinion and experience of my child with these books.)

We love sitting down with Sweet Pea and looking at and reading these books with him! It’s so precious hearing him repeat the animals or colors, or hearing him say the names when he remembers them! Often we read these books several times in a row, he loves them so much and we don’t mind because hearing him learning is so awesome! He’s getting so big so fast and starting to talk quite well, too! We love seeing him grow!

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