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Have you ever felt such a desire to help a loved one but know there is absolutely nothing you can do? And that there is nothing you could do even if you were right by that person’s side (other than hug and cry together)? That’s how I’ve been feeling since first hearing about my mom being evacuated from her home due to flooding in the neighborhood June 29th after a dike broke. Oneida, NY should find out soon if they qualify for FEMA aid. Yes, it’s that serious.

Several friends of mine who are still in the area kept me updated on Facebook, and I am so thankful for Facebook pages like Oneida St. Paul’s Disaster and Early Response that posted updates and communicated to residents the details they needed to know to get help (although many didn’t have access due to not being in their homes). Without them I would have felt even more helpless. This way I was able to know what was happening from trusted sources. (I know it can get a little overwhelming to some to see these pictures, but to me seeing how everyone was dealing with the flooding actually helped me know it was possible to get through it.)

Here are two pics from June 29th, as taken by my wonderful photography friend from high school:

This picture shows a front loader/tractor that got stuck in the middle of the road shortly after the flooding began. I’m assuming it was being used to help evacuate people as in another picture taken at a later point in time the tractor had been moved and there was a boat returning to evacuate more people in the same spot. The blue arrow is about the position of my mom’s apartment, two doors past the green house. I was told the brown building just above and to the left of the tractor had 30″ of water inside of it.

This wasn’t exactly the start to summer that these poor (literally and figuratively) people had planned. This area hadn’t even flooded in years, and not nearly this badly. Luckily my mom’s apartment is in a home with a raised foundation and the water came within inches of entering, but didn’t. You’ll see in pictures I’ll post tomorrow that her neighbors were not so lucky.

Please pray for those in Central New York as they recover from this flood. Please pray also for those in the southern states suffering from droughts and fires. It has not been a relaxing summer so far for those in these areas.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures and to see a list of resources for emergencies like these, you can check out the Facebook page listed above or a blog I found through a friend, Dad’s Off the Path View, written by another person who no longer lives in Oneida, but whose thoughts are there at this time.

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  1. Cindra Enloe

    Following your link from Mom’s Monday Mingle. So sorry to hear about your Mom. This must be really hard on you, too. Was it your childhood home?

    • Tricia

      No, that wasn’t my childhood home. Actually this past weekend when I got to see my mom it was because we were in town to help my dad with a garage sale as he is selling my childhood home – the one he designed and built. So many emotions that weekend! thanks for your note!


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