Discovering Flubber

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about Flubber?! What a rainy day saver!

My brother and sister-in-law and their kids gave me a Flubber-making kit as an early present for my birthday! It consisted of a cup of liquid glue, a recipe card from, and a little tub of Borax. At first I was a little skeptical about making it with Sweet Pea around, but today as we were about to go outside to play for a bit after lunch we had a deluge of rain…fast thinking reminded me of the Flubber kit and Cutie Pie was very excited to make it!

Cutie Pie absolutely loved Flubber! He had a ball! Sweet Pea did great, too! Only tried to eat it once and stopped before getting into his mouth…he had a great time, too! Lots of giggling going on here!

The things we discovered about Flubber (yes, Cutie Pie told me all these things as we played):
     -it breaks when stretched, and makes a neat tear, not a messy jagged one
     -it doesn’t feel wet, even though it’s shiny and looks wet
     -when you set a dinosaur on it and don’t press down, it sinks really slowly into the Flubber
     -it rips into shreds when you rub it (this was Sweet Pea’s discovery)
     -you can cut it with a knife, but have to press really hard to cut it with a cookie cutter
     -you can use some playdough toys with it, but it just isn’t the same
     -sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s warm
     -if you make a shape with it and let it set, it ‘melts’
     -it doesn’t hurt if you get hit in the head with it, instead it makes the hit-ee laugh (at least in our house)
     -it’s jiggly when the ball is bounced
     -it feels jiggly when you catch a ball of it
     -if a big ball of it hits the floor hard enough it bursts/breaks apart

It took a lot to get the kids to stop playing with this to take their naps! 

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