Drawing Reptiles and Pencil Grip

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We brought home a reptile science kit from the library and Cutie Pie was delighted to find a book titled “How to draw reptiles” in it! I think he’s been drawing them ever since!

This actually has been a great thing for Cutie Pie for a few reasons.
It’s given him confidence in his drawing skills. He loves to draw and has developed a few techniques that he learned through the book.
He’s been getting better at following step-by-step directions, not skipping ahead. (following the prescribed process) His pencil grip is improving! This is something we’ve been working on at home at the suggestion of the OT at his school.

This past library trip took us on a computer search for “how to draw” books and we brought one home about “How to Draw Ferocious Dinosaurs” by Aaron Sauter. Boy, are his drawing skills  and pencil grip improving!

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