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In the beginning of the year when Cutie Pie came home from morning kindergarten he’d find a School Notes sheet to fill out while he waited for his lunch. It had a pretty large place for him to draw a picture of something that happened throughout the day as well as had a place to write the names of other kids he played with. (I’m so thankful for Living Locurto! Some really neat ideas over there – you’ve gotta check that site out!)

While this idea has been great for us because it gives me a place to start talking with my kiddo about his day, it has also has proven to show a progression in his drawing skills when I look back through them. (I haven’t used this with my 4 year old because he simply does not want to do it, but responds to questions and more readily offers information about his day, but I think you could!)

Why not take this a step further for older kids? For those who can write? Have them write a sentence or two, or paragraph or two for even older kids, about their day. It can serve as a journal of sorts, but also serve to show you progression in their writing skills. Plus, if school is like it was when I was younger, sometimes you only see one or two words in their writing coming home from school with the longer writing samples being sent home later in the year. (Is school still like this? I have a kindergartener, so I’m not really sure!)

Take an interest in your kids’ writing, by taking an interest in their day by way of what they choose to write about.

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