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Hubby is a string music teacher at two of the local grade schools, and every morning when he leaves for work he takes along his violin and viola, sometimes his string bass and amplifier, too, to teach the students with. Most mornings the boys don’t get to see him leave for school as he leaves early to work out first, but once or twice a week they wave goodbye to him.

One particular morning recently Hubby left for a day of conferences with no students at school. As I was cleaning up after breakfast the boys came walking into the kitchen…

wanting to get their Daddy’s hat and coat on (it’s been very rainy here and he wears a funky almost-cowboy hat because he can’t carry an umbrella and his instruments and briefcase (and bass and amplifier) at the same time).

I was fascinated as I watched the boys for almost 20 minutes pretend they were their Daddy on his way to work. Several times they went through all the actions, setting the instruments down by the door, pretending to put on their jackets and hat, pouring coffee, hugging me goodbye and saying “go to the window, I’ll wave!” It made me realize just how much they watch their Daddy’s every move and understand the meaning behind them and how much little things like the routine of watching from the front window to see him waving from the car mean to them!

 Every day Cutie Pie says “When I’m Daddy….” and this day he really was!

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  1. Carrie

    Awwww, that's precious!

    I'm your newest follower from the FFF! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Mothers Day!


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