We inherited this kitchen utensil that we don’t really have a use for, until the other day! I was told it was either an onion or tomato cutter, but we still don’t use it for anything other than a curious toy around here. Cutie Pie likes to pull various ones out of the utensil drawer and today pulled out this one and started using it to pull the alphabet letters off the refrigerator…with one hand, which is pretty awesome for him as he still seems to use two hands for a lot of things, even things that are too large for 2 hands…Anyway, he’d “grab” the letter and pull it off the refrigerator, then he’d say the letter…and of course drop it into his dump truck. Sometimes it seems he knows all of his letters and just doesn’t want to tell me what they are. Other times he’s great at teaching his little brother. I guess at this age it all depends on his attitude for the moment. He’s played ‘Grabbing the alphabet’, as he calls it, several times since. Hubby and I are thinking as long as it involves tools of some sort or construction or trains, anything can be a means to his learning something!